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About Us

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The company was formed by the two present Directors, Paul Hodnett and Mark Buttery in 2001. 

Having worked in the industry for some considerable length of time, it was clear that there was a gap in the fabrication market that could be filled by offering the flexibility of the smaller company with the professionalism, quality of presentation and eye for details offered by the larger companies without the normally associated high prices.

To this day we still offer our products, services and relationships with an approach that directly addressed these needs. Flexibility is key to the way we work and the products we offer. We have grown consistently year and year with a turnover some 20 times that of our first year in business, but still the same approach exists and will remain.  

We are happy to look into offering services and products that are new. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please ask, if there is sufficient demand for a product or service, we are keen to invest to develop greater capacity.  

We pride ourselves on being very flexible in the products and services we offer, with the customer always leading the way. If it’s a simple welded joint, machined part, pressing, small fabrication or even a much larger fabrication, development of special purpose machinery or time specific contract supply of goods, or services, these are all well within our capabilities.  

A further range of professional services we offer are relationship based services. We will work with our customers as part of the development process and help them to understand and come to a solution to their needs by bringing to the table many years of experience in the industry in formulating and providing engineering solutions. We will happily provide guidance and inspiration to solving your engineering and production problems as part of a development package.  

Essentially, our ethos is that if we have machinery, equipment and staff skills able to address you needs, then we look forward to discussing your needs with an aim towards providing you solution.

We’ve also managed to develop close working partnerships with a wide range of professional and reliable companies allied to the services we offer to strengthen our position as a one stop shop for engineered solutions. All of which have long term and proven history with us as suppliers. Essentially this means that even if we don’t have the equipment or expertise in house to provide your solution, we have external resources to draw upon to cover a very extensive and formidable array of services at our finger tips. This enables us to cover a range of capacities and services that are enviable within the industry. This also enables us to have total control of your project to truly make us a one stop shop.

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