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Bespoke Projects:

Our main strength is our ability to work with clients to bring about the best complete package solution to their larger project needs.

Examples of some of the projects we've been involved in the manufacture and supply of are demonstrated on this page.

Here you see a couple of examples of a selection of the complete Iron Casting Production and Handling line which included automated conveyor systems, pallet handlers, pallet rotators and all of the control equipment needed to make it all work. The first two examples on the page were manufactured to customers design and manufacturing drawings.

The last example on the page is again a product for an Iron Casting Foundry, but this time, of our own design. This system is designed to batch measure all of the elements that go into the foundry melting towers, giving accurate batch measuring and dispatching of the elements, in this case, cast iron scrap from one hopper and coke from another.


These are just a couple of examples which can range from self standing bespoke machines up to complete plant development and supply.


We also have the ability to bring in specialist services such as electrical, electronic control, hydraulics, pneumatics and even civil engineering from our range of trusted service suppliers.

Take a look at our Facebook  page for more examples.

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