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Project Design and Development:

Project Design and Development is a process we've had extensive experience in too.

More decades than we care to mention have been spent in the trade by our team, with a lot of time spent with customers to help them establish the best solutions to their problems and needs, and then working together with knowledge input to fine tune to bring us to the best and most cost effect solutions.



Having our extensive knowledge base, design and production facilities and a very credible panel of local specialised suppliers we can draw on the expertise of, we can present a team that is much bigger than the sum of all its parts. All of our panel of approved suppliers, be they high volume and specialist sheet metal suppliers, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics technicians, laser cutters or even civil engineers have been working with us for many years so we can give you utmost confidence in getting to your end game in as best shape and as painlessly as is possible.


We manage the entire process so you'll have one single point of contact.


Your project may be big or small, from a specialised assembly bench to a materials handling system, or anything in between. We can develop and supply all of the component and equipment modules of it and tie them all together properly so they work in a manner in which they're supposed to.


It's all just engineering, common sense and communication linked together with clear and strategic thinking.

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