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Design and CAD Modelling:

Ickneild Mezzanine.jpg
Tank Trap Mould ISO.JPG

An enhancement of our services is that of 3d Computer Modelling.

Having previously used standard 2d CAD drawing packages, our new system is quite remarkable.

What we can now do is provide a pretty realistic 3d representation of your project which we can spin, zoom in and view in every conceivable angle, so you can see exactly what we propose to supply. We can also interact with the model to show you how they'll work, quickly produce Bills of Materials, Cuttings Lists, weight calculations and a whole host of other data so that we can effectively prove the item before it even has a finger lifted on it in real life production.

It also gives us the ability to fine tune and develop products on a very low cost basis.


Once the complete models are produced, every item within them is then pulled off the master so you can be confident that it's effectively "been assembled". So if parts, holes or whatever have to match, we can prove that they do.


We'd also be more than happy to provide 3d Modelling as a stand alone service if as a manufacturer yourself, you would like to take advantage of the significant benefits and professionalism in presenting your customers with proof models or sales pitches. Call or email to discuss your requirements.

Razor Wire Block Mould.jpg
1000x630x750 Mould Assembly (1.1).jpg
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