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Steel Fabrication, and Welding:

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General steelwork fabrication is our core service and is where our in-house facilities really mount up and score.  Most of the general fabrication processes are conducted within our works and we are able to process all stages of a fabrication right from bar, beam, sheet and plate material up to the finished product.

We’ll work with you to develop your product, which can be from a small one off fabrication right up to a complete designed and developed special purpose machine and everything in between. Essentially, if it’s a product that can be fabricated in steel, we’ll do it.

Although our speciality is large project work, particularly in the fields of access platforms, support frames,  gates, fencing,  bespoke process machinery, bagging stations, materials handling,  portal frame buildings, stillages, tanks, structural beamwork, etc. It has to be said that we have an open book as far as fabricated products are concerned.  On a daily basis our team of fabricators and support staff will be processing pretty much any project you could envisage. And we have been asked to do a few somewhat out of the box projects too.  A selection of some of the projects we have completed can be viewed in the Facebook page which can be also be accessed through the link at the top ribbon of the site.

We have no specific limitations on the fabrication work we will take on, other than any single component of any project at the moment can’t exceed 4 tonnes as that is our maximum lifting capacity. That being said however, if a need becomes apparent, we’d be more than happy to invest to increase our capacity on a larger project. You’d be surprised at the items we’ve manufactured within our fabrication bay. 

We are equally as happy to provide a one off specialist fabrication as we are to supply small and large volume production runs. We’ll help you to develop it, provide guidance to the most beneficial method of processing to address both budget and quality.

In house we operate a series of Guillotines, Press Brakes, Sheet Rollers, Metalworkers, Band and circular saws, rota broach machines, plasma cutters, and an extensive range of Mig welding machinery.


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